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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 13, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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clumping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn. hello, everyone. i'm thomas roberts. two big stories this morning. it's the politics of washington but the politics of the vatican have people fascinated. happening right now at the vatican, 115 cardinals who will elect the next pope have just returned to the sistine chapel after their lunch break and we could see white smoke in less than an hour or no smoke at all. dozens of onlookers stood in the rain awaiting the first round this morning and black smoke rose from the sistine chapel. so far we've seen black smoke twice, just before 3:00 p.m. yesterday and just before 7:00 a.m. today. cardinal joseph ratzinger was elected in the fastest conclave.
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it came in day two of the conclave. back in 2005, black smoke came in at 6:52 and white smoke came in about six hours later at 12:50 p.m. joining me is george. we've had no pope. at what point is the pivot point for the voting that will take place behind the scenes today, the narrowing down, at least, of the candidates? >> they are certainly going to be narrowing down, thomas. that may have in fact began already. the first vote, as you know last night, is full of complementary votes that don't really give you an indication, that gives the cardinals an indication of where the lay of the land lies. but they ought to have some reasonable idea now after this morning two ballots who has real
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traction, if anyone, and one can imagine after lunch and the typical italian reposo who may not have taken a nap this afternoon that some of the coalitions are being readjusted and cardinals are thinking now as they reenter the sistine chapel. >> so you talk about those adjustments. if the conclave were to end quickly, after this next vote, what does that signify to you as to where the church is heading? >> i think it would signify a quickly reached consensus on what kind of a leader the church needs at this moment in history and it was already forming in the weeks after pope benedict's surprising announcement. there was a broadly forming consensus that a charismatic
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evangelical missionary pope, a kind of st. paul for the 21st century is what the cardinals were looking for. and that that pope should have the shrewdness to choose, as i've been describing it, jack welch, to clean up the vatican bureaucracy and to make it an instrument of what many of these cardinals are most interested in, which we call the new missionary for the church. >> we've been talking and evaluating, george, about an american prospect, including o'malley and dolan, and the president was asked about that theory and what he had to say in reference to whether or not an american could become the next pope. take a listen. >> i don't know if you've checked lately, but the conference of catholic bishops here in the united states don't seem to be taking orders from me. >> what are the advances now that we've seen the vote count
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go through, only two different smoke signals, but since the cardinals have had a chance to rest and also eat together, what are the chances of us seeing someone elevated from america? >> thomas, i have thought all along that the chances of a pope from north america, which includes, of course, our canadian neighbors, is not at all out of the realm of possibility. and i would say that remains the case this afternoon as the third voting period and the fourth ballot begins. >> nbc vatican analyst, george weigel, thank you, sir. and there is no more mystery about what makes the smoke white or black. the recipe was released yesterday saying white spoke uses potassium chlorate, milk, sugar, and pine rosin. for black, it's potassium perchlorate and anthracene and
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sulfur. there's the recipe for you. so he hading into hostile territory as republicans and democrats are on two different planets as they hash out the attempt to balance the books. it might be an unbridgeable divide. >> right now what i'm trying to do is create an atmosphere where democrats and republicans can get together and try to get something done. but ultimately it may be that the differences are just too wide. >> so as in the senate plan, led by patty murray, it's being released today. there is this hope of reaching the common ground with the proposal put forth with paul ryan. that's the big question. or is this war already too far gone to find out what the white house has called a caucus of commonsense. >> we have a balanced approach to this as opposed to an uncompromising approach. now, i understand that paul's
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position is sort of their extremist position. hopefully by the end of the day we will be able to bridge these differences. >> i don't think patty gives a lot of room for that common ground but i think the president can get engaged, which we can find common ground on spending cuts that get us on a path towards getting our debt stabilized. >> even as they press for the president to take a more active engagement in washington's fiscal followlie fiscal follys, the -- >> the question is, he is going to go out on the campaign trail and start campaigning against us? was it a poll-driven political calculation? >> joining me is south carolina democratic congressman, james clyburn. a $1 trillion increase in tax
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revenue proposed by the murray plan, 4.$4.25 trillion in savin through 2023 and when democrats include tax revenues, sir, and defense cuts, aren't they basically doing the same thing, starting at a nonstarting point? >> well, thomas, first of all, thanks so much for having me. look, i think that what we've got to do is get real here and think about what the future holds for this great country of ours. i would suggest that both sides start locking ourselves into this ten-year window and that's what is giving us a real lot of pain. let's look at maybe a 20-year budget. i believe that the president did a 20-year budget the last time out. if we look at a 20-year window, most experts i talked to tell me
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that the big savings come in year 13, 14, and 15. so if we were to see a change in the trajectory going out to 20 years, i do believe this would give us much better definition for both sides to find some comfort levels. we're not going to get it in the ten-year period because we cannot. we democrats cannot afford to see the draconian cuts in so-called entitlement programs and republicans can't seem to abide in a significant raise in revenue. so where would we get the revenue? we'll get it from growth in the economy but if the growth is not going to take place until the years 13, 14, and 15, why not incorporate that in our budget discussions and i really believe we'll find and to build a budget going forward. >> congressman, you say you're
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optimistic about finding common ground. the white house has egg on its face after a report in the "national journal" that quoted a white house official calling the president's visits to capitol hill a joke. i want to play what jay carney had to say to that yesterday. >> i have no idea who said that but i can tell you that opinion has never been voiced in my presence, in the president's presence, in the west wing. it does not represent the president's view. >> so the president is meeting with house republicans this afternoon. is anyone really taking seriously the outreach that the president is doing? are your colleagues on the hill looking at this and rec fiziogn that the president is trying to engage on a consensus? yes, we are. i don't know who may have said that. but let me say to that person, this ain't no joking matter. it's nothing to laugh at here. we're talking about the future of this country. you're talking about the
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education of our children, talking about the security and safety of our senior citizens. we're talking about trying to get our economy growing again. this is not a laughing matter. of those kinds of comments. >> congressman james clyburn, thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. i want to move on to developing news. and that is the rape trial of two high school football players. it's getting under way in steubenville, ohio. they are accused of raping a 16-year-old female classmate at a teammate's house after a night of drinking. this took place in august and the case went viral on social media because of photographs reportedly taken of the victim at the scene and then circulated online. coming up next, the man who secretly recorded the infamous 47% tape explains how and why he did this. it's an ed schultz exclusive. ed is joining me next to talk about that.
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and so my job is not to worry about those people who will never take responsible and care for their lives. >> that was the secretly recorded video that some say broke mitt romney's chance for presidency. ed schultz sits down with the man who recorded it and helped release it to the public. >> how big of a decision was it for you to release the tape and to go through all of this? >> it was tough. and i debated for a little while and in the end of really felt
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that it had to be put out. i felt i owed it to the people that couldn't afford to be there themselves to hear what he really thought. >> ed schultz, host of "the ed show," joins me in the studio to talk about this. thank you for being here. it's a fascinating interview that you have here and explain how you landed it and what you learned about how he was able to tape it and then release it. >> well, quite honestly, there is an emotional connection about what i believe in and the way i do my show and what this gentleman believes in and what he saw put in front of him. and he's not seeking any fame or any fortune or anything like that. he didn't mean to inject himself into the political process or the election cycle. he slowly got it out into the social networking world and hoped that the story would get out. the thing that tripped the trigger was the comment on the tape that romney was talking about the sweat shop in china to
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purchase. he was troubled by the story and started to research and jimmy carter's grandson, david corn, the carter kid was doing some research who and connected to wa was going on in china. so this guy, not a journalist, never has been, not trained, just followed his instincts, and was nervous about injecting himself into the process. he knew exactly how he had it and how good here's the decision about releasing it to the public. >> i simply wanted his words to go out and everybody made a judgment on his words alone. the guy was running for the presidency and these were his core beliefs and i think, you know, everybody can judge whether that's appropriate or
8:18 am
not or they believe the same things he does. i felt it an obligation to expose the things that he was saying. >> so now mitt romney himself has said that this video did his political campaign no favors. >> sure. >> but we hear there from that man saying that he felt an obligation to bring this forward but he didn't recognize the 47% comment. it was more about the sweat shop comment? >> there are a number of comments. he'll talk more about that tonight. the 47% comment is the one that people in the media picked up on and the one who struck his passion was how romney had a total disregard for workers. this is a guy who has had economic struggles in his life and has had overcome him and thought it was the disrespect that romney was showing to workers and his philosophy of treating workers so terribly that really motivated him to do something about this. when he taped this, his intention was not to, quote, get
8:19 am
mitt romney or inject himself into the political process but when he had it he kind of fell into it. he realized what he had. he was troubled by the story and decided to go with it. i asked him why now and why our show and he'll explain all of that tonight. >> also, as you say, he doesn't want to inject himself into the process. has he suffered or does he fear backslash? >> he's had some threats. and he has been pretty much living a different lifestyle since the tape was released. he's going up against some pretty powerful people in this country who wanted to see a different guy in the white house. he's very brave, very courageous, noble, i have respect for the man. he's offered up big dollars to do the interview and all he wanted to do was get the story out to the american people so they knew the real mitt romney. he was convinced there was a mitt romney in front of the
8:20 am
public and yet a mitt romney behind closed doors that he thought the public had to know about. >> ed schultz, fascinating interview. everybody can see it right here on msnbc. thank you. the exclusive interview airing tonight at 8:00 p.m., right here on "the ed show." thank you. another headache for florida's governor. inside the scandal that put an end to a political career. plus, even the fbi director is not safe from hackers. robert muller on the list of celebrities who might have had their private financial information compromised and posted online. we'll break this down for you in the pro us producer pick and this was a team decision. ♪ ♪ >> all right.
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welcome back, everybody. breaking news. a search under way in upstate new york after a shooting. the associated press reporting that six have been shot. four are dead. this taking place in the mohawk valley of new york. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available to us right here at msnbc. another big story that we're following developing to our south out of florida where moments ago the sunshine state's
8:25 am
lieutenant governor carroll announces her resignation. she was interviewed about her ties to the veterans of the world, a nonprofit organization accused of money laundering. the resignation was brought on by this investigation. with me in joy ann reid and she's covered florida politics for years and has the low-down. let's talk about this because this has come out of left field. >> yes. >> with the resignation of jennifer carroll. what more do we know? >> it's a strange story. and they've taken a tremendous amount of money, $290 million over the course of five years, operating what is being called internet cafes.
8:26 am
and the terminals are gambling terminals. that kind of internet gambling is illegal but they've set them up in a way that because you can have access to the internet, it's in the gray area of the law. jennifer carroll put a bill on the floor that would make those gaming terminals legal but she claim it is was a staffer that put it out there. >> it was a mistake. >> she has a consulting firm that runs these internet cafes so it was seen as a conflict of interest. she withdrew it. they've actually shut down a lot of these internet cafes. there was a federal investigation that involved the secret service and irs that raided and shut these operations down and now her association has brought her down. >> $290 million brought in to this charitable nonprofit organization. >> right. >> the reading that i was doing,
8:27 am
only 2% of that money has actually gone to the charity? >> exactly. there was a federal law against excessively profiting from a nonprofit. because 2% of the money went to charities, meanwhile, the guys operating this business were taking in $1.5 million of the guy who ran it who is the fed of the fraternal order of union of the police union and it's a pretty convoluted story. >> as we get into the details of this, what do you think the ripple effects will be for governor scott? >> it's a very tricky situation. rick scott brought jennifer carroll on to his ticket because she's a woman, an immigrant, an african-american, she solved a the lo lot of problems that he had in his popularity. and now he's got this big demographic hole he's got to fill. he's got low approval ratings and now has scandal attached to
8:28 am
florida lieutenant of governor. >> joy-ann reid, thank you. >> thank you. happening now on capitol hill, a senate committee holding a hearing about sexual assault in the military. up to 19,000 cases every year. sergeant jennifer morris talks to me about the enemy within. plus, back on the stand, the jodi arias murder trial resuming after a five-daybreak. the prosecution will question her about sporadic lack of memory. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy... with the total care nutrition in purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family.
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on capitol hill, a senate panel is hearing for sexual assaults in the nation's military. we're hearing from very emotional and disturbing testimony from women who say they were sexually attacked while serving in our military. >> during my five years as a marine officer, i experienced daily sexual harassment. i was exposed to pornography and women and girls both in the united states and overseas. >> i was raped during military service and during my first assignment. >> that was 1988. i was 18 years old. it was two weeks before my 19th birthday. meanwhile, chuck hagel is opening an internal review of military sexual assault convictions which allowed a single air force commander to
8:33 am
overturn a sexual assault conviction. joining me is a retired sexual sergeant in the united states air force. she was just in the room listening to that testimony and she's one of several female soldiers in the invisible war, all who say they've suffered sexual assaults while serving in the military. jennifer, thanks for joining us. there were over 3100 reported cases of sexual assault and of those only 8% were prosecuted. panetta went on to say that the number could be as high as 19,000. i want play something from bruce braley on "jansing & co." take a listen. the supervising general just turns justice on its head. it's easy to understand why so
8:34 am
many people about the progress. >> easy to understand why so many people are cynical about the progress. jennifer, where do you stand on this now that so much is being revealed to congress today? >> i'm so very pleased as evidenced by the lieutenant case. it's a perfect example of how justice goes awry in the military justice system, if there is such a thing. all we're asking here both at the house armed services committee and senate armed services committee is just to hear us as survivors and how in fact the military didn't handle it and if you listen to the stories, you'll hear the same stories over and over and over
8:35 am
and it's failing us. can you briefly explain? >> i grew up i'd legal lick childhood so i didn't know what these crimes were. i didn't know what rape and sexual assault and harassment was. it all took me by subpoena pleat surprise and after being attacked by four different predators in the first two years of my career, i was finally forced to report in an effort to remain safe because i felt in danger. my commander did take me seriously but when it got moved up the chain of command of a sexual assault job or an attempted rape case to sexual harassment, basically filed an eeo complaint for these vicious complaints because there was no
8:36 am
process at the time and there still trying to make sure there is justice for these victims but it's not going to happen. >> jennifer, what do you want chuck hagel to do? >> i want chuck hagel to take him out of command and i want him to support all of the legislation that representative jackie spears because all of it will keep us safe right now. that's what we need. not ten years from now, now. >> jennifer, thank you for joining me. >> you're welcome, sir. >> absolutely. president obama is going to be making his first trip to the middle east since his election campaign and the president aboards air force one where he goes to israel and then on to
8:37 am
ramallah and then finally on to jordan for stops in amman and petra. the president said this ahead of the trip. >> the president wants to speak to the people of israel, the people of palestinian and the people of the region and not lay down a peace proposal but express his vision for what the possibilities of the future are. >> joining me now on the set is amon. i want to remind everybody, and spending time in the conflict in '08 as well and there's no doubt that it's very difficult to have a breakthrough without u.s. leadership. the u.s. -- and this is something that the u.s. has
8:38 am
said, and there's no major breakthrough when and what's the plan going to look like and president obama has insight from some meetings he has ahead of the upcoming visit and the indication is that he's not going there with any plan. that's been said. >> finally, another milestone this week on tuesday. hard to believe it's going to be the ten-year anniversary of the iraq war. how have the tlast few years goe when we talk about and reflect on the rebuilding of iraq and trying to rebuild that country after being torn apart by war? >> there's definitely been some progress but when you look at where it is today, it's still very fragile and the democracy has not taken root and suffers a the lot of corruption, a sectarian division and mutual
8:39 am
interest and right now out of suspicion and so many players inside that country? >> how does that play out with the rest of the middle east? >> as we're seeing with that part of the middle east, when you look at a country like iraq, it's slightly allied with bashar al assad, it's close to iran. that makes the saudis suspicious because the layers are so complex, divided, or at least run by ethnic undercurrents. iraq is now the epicenter as kro the region. >> minutes from now the death penalty trial of jodi arias resumes in arizona. some 200 questions from the jury panel. arias will answer more questions from the prosecution about the 2008 killing of her lover. she claims it was in self-defense. the prosecution claims it was planned because of a jealous rage. katie tur is joining us about
8:40 am
what to expect. back after this brief break. >> yeah. first day back since thursday, her 18th day on the stand. last week, as you know, she was facing questions from the jury and this week she could face some more. jurors scribbling down more questions. and whether or not any of them should be asked today. the big question lingering is why should we believe you now? she changed her story so many times. they might want to know about why they should believe her now. they asked initially -- she said initially that she was ashamed, that she had killed him. she also wanted to protect travis alexander's reputation. the defense will call more witnesses that will testify to her mental state, why she would have cleaned up the scene afterwards, why she would be ashamed and why she would want to protect his reputation.
8:41 am
>> katy, how soon could we see this move on to decision time? >> there's no word on when she's going to take -- when she's going to leave the stand. we really don't know. the betting on the street last week was that this trial could go well through april. there's no timetable at this time. >> katy tur, appreciate it. president obama is upgrading china saying that the u.s. is engaging in tough talks with the nation over alleged cyberattacks on america. ways to prevent attacks like the ones inflicted on apple and facebook a few weeks ago. meanwhile, the fbi and secret service is investigating how joe biden and celebrities like beyonce have joined the ranks of millions of americans who have become victims of identity theft. president obama addressed that during an interview with abc. >> we should not be surprised if you've got hackers who want to dig in and devote a lot of
8:42 am
resources, that they can access people's private information. it is a big problem. >> right into the office? >> again, i'm not confirming or denying that that happened. >> pete williams is standing by. explain how these high-profile figures, including robert mul r mueller ended up having this information compromised. >> did these individuals own computers that were targeted? instead what happened here is that they went to an aggregating website. american you should be able to see your credit reports for free once a year and the people that have done this have posted the private information of about two dozen people on their website, that's what they did. they managed to get into that website and get the credit reports of individuals and it
8:43 am
contains a huge amount of information and they've put some of this up on their website. no one should be surprised about this. it's only happened about a million times before. >> so explain, though, for the rest of us out there that are watching this and thinking, how could this happen to robert mueller potentially, consumers. we use our credit cards all the time and reporting agencies certainly we want to feel that our information is secure with them. what should we do as consumers hearing this? >> there are lots of steps you should take. don't give your social security number to people, don't give away information on the telephone or online. fundamentally, thomas, there's nothing that you can do to prevent this kind of thing. your credit report information is on this website. there's nothing that you can do to make it any more or less secure. it's up to the people on the website and they are looking for ways to do it better. >> msnbc pete williams, thank you. >> you bet. the archdiocese and cardinal mahony's nearly $10 million
8:44 am
sexual abuse settlement. what the group s.n.a.p. wants from the next pope. and the whole world is waiting and watching collectively that chimney to find out who it will be and we will get the signals there potentially in the next hour. this includes former basketball star dennis rodman watching fresh off his trip to north korea. he's now in rome appearing at the vatican. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air.
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age 3 and may prevent food allergies later in life. okay. take a look at this. it's the smoke cam at the vatican where white smoke could come pouring out minutes from now or we could get no smoke at all. the crowds, though, they have steadily built in anticipation that an announcement will come as the cardinals huddle inside the sistine chapel. so far we've seen black smoke twice, once last night and once this morning. we're going to watch closely and get a live report from msnbc's chris jansing moments from now. meanwhile, the catholic archdiocese of los angeles is paying $10 million to settle four priest abuse cases. roger mahony was told in 1986 that baker molested two boys.
8:49 am
he your honor ar he returned to ministry where he continued to abuse. many are outraged he didn't recuse himself and while in rome last month he only had three words for those people. >> god bless you. god bless you. >> joining me now is one of the critics, barbara doris, outreach direct for survivors network of those abused by priests, or s.n.a.p., as it is commonly referred. what is your reaction to the $10 million settlement for four cases? >> well, i think it says -- explains to us how much they will do to avoid going to trial and allowing their secrets to be made public. i think the documents would prove just how much cardinal mahony knew and how little he did to protect children. >> cardinal mahony is there casting a ballot and ballots within the conclave. does s.n.a.p. feel and do others feel he should not be there, he
8:50 am
should not be involved? >> absolutely. it's a slap in the face of every victim of sex abuse, that this man who has protected, enabled and shielded predators is still considered a prince of the church and allowed to vote for the next pope. we feel like when men like mahony are allowed to vote, it reduces the chances that a man who will come in and clean up this mess, who will actually protect children, the chances are greatly diminished that that guy would be elected. >> barbara, mahony has apologized for the way he handled these abuse cases and the vatican defended his opportunity to participate. >> cardinal mahony who has been implicated or named by s.n.a.p. have given much reflection of the situations they found themselves and in the end there was no reason for them not to be coming here to the conclave.
8:51 am
>> how do you respond to that? >> well, apologies are nice but apologies without action are meaningless and once again we're seeing an apology but no actions. when men like cardinal mahony cover crimes and then face no consequences, no loss of pay, no loss of their reputation or of their power, then what's the incentive that this behavior will stop? so as long as men -- these men face no consequences, we believe the behavior will continue. the pattern will be repeated. >> barbara, i want to ask you about, who do you feel would be a good leader for the church? what cardinals would s.n.a.p. consider being able to pass a purity test to be able to hold that position? >> well, quite honestly, we worry whether anyone who has been made a cardinal has been involved in the coverup. what we're hoping for is a bold man like benedict that he did something that no one had done in hundreds of years.
8:52 am
we're ep hoping the new pope do the same thing and truly protects children. >> barbara doris from s.n.a.p., thank you so we continue to wa watch when smoke will erupt from the papal chimney. we have a camera locket on it. and it could come any moment from now. we'll be back after this. [ whistle blows ] hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick meal, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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so as promised, a live look back to the vatican. the cardinals have been locked in the sistine chapel for the past hour after taking their lunch break. joining miss, chris jansing, a lot closer than we are. so explain, no smoke yet, but past the prolog, this is when we learned that cardinal ratzinger would be elevated to pope, a of this time in 2005. >> reporter: that's right. we have not had a decision yet. look, what happens in there, you go in on day 1, there are some sort of pat on the back votes
8:56 am
that go on, but then they start to talk over dinner, today over lunch, you know, some leading candidates start to emerge, so i think we're probably at least inside the conclave getting a better idea of what's going on. of course, out here we don't have any idea, but there's a big crowd on on st. peter's square in the cold and rain just waiting to see if the smoke will clear. >> a crowd that even includes dennis rodman. what he had to say to our nbc affiliate. >> these people here in the rain are standing, waiting, stuff like that. and they need to make up their mind real quick and let these people have hope again. >> let them have hope again. >> it's odd we keep the camera on the smokestack in the age of twitter. we could know a lot faster if the vatican were to send a tweet. >> reporter: well, it's so funny, isn't it, that we have all of this new-age social media
8:57 am
going on, and there's ton of web sites popping up out of nowhere. you can get notified when there's smoke, you can sit and watch it, even at, you can sit and watch the smokestack, yet tell by the old-fashioned way, you'll see the smoke and the bells toll. if you can see the crowd that's really grows, just waiting to see, as we all are, if it will be black or white. >> chris, thank you. i appreciate it. we'll go back to you as soon as we see any activity from the vatican. that will wrap up this hour for me. join me tomorrow. representatives diane black and patrick murphy, rnc communications director sean spicer and my colleague, co-host of "the cycle. don't go anywhere. alex wagner is coming up next and you're on smoke watch as
8:58 am
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